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Expanding Foam Tape 25 / 6-15

Width: 25mm 

Gap Size: 6-15mm (600 pa Weather Seal) Roll

Length: 4.3 Metres

Colour: Black / Anthracite (Grey available on request)

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EXP 6 Expanding Foam Tape is a pre-compressed PU foam tape which is impregnated with a polymeric dispersion. It is used for joint sealing to create weather seals (600pa protection from wind driven rain) and improve airtightness as well as acoustic performance. EXP 6 remains permanently flexible through out its life span making it an ideal sealing solutions for joints that are subject to movement. Unlike expanding foam in a can this tape will not harden and crack with expansion cycles. It s is quick & clean to install and be done so successfully with minimal training.

Weather | Thermal | Acoustic

    Expanding Foam Tape Uses

    • Window & Door Installations 
    • General Construction
    • Industrial & Commercial Constructions
    • Metal Facade Construction
    • Pre-Fabricated & Modular Buildings
    • Timber Frame Constructions


    • Meets the stringent requirements of DIN 18542:2009 BG 1
    • Resistant to driving rain in excess of 600 Pa
    • Seals against wind, dust and splash water
    • Reliable due to high area of application for joints (up to 42 mm)
    • Permeable to vapour diffusion
    • High adhesive strength during fitting
    • Permanently elastic with life-long movement capacity
    • Acoustic and thermal insulation properties
    • Can be painted over using standard emulsion paints
    • Constant quality, conforms to DIN standards and is regularly tested by external institutes (can be represented by icons)
    • 10 years natural weathering monitored by external institutes
    • External monitoring by ift Rosenheim GmbH: Resistance to driving rain and joint air permeability coefficient (a-value)

    Technical Information

    • Resistance to UV & Heat Rays: Class 1
    • Wind Driven Rain Resistance (600 pa): Class 1
    • Air Permeability (100 pa): Class 1
    • Service Temperature: -40 °C to 100°C
    • Fire Classification (DIN 4102) B1 : Flame Retardant
    • Acoustic Performance: -ISO 717-1

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